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Would You Like to Thoroughly Test nano3DSense or Further Develop a New Sensor Idea?

For e.g. your research work or the further development of a new sensor idea, we offer you the strictly confidential possibility to perform your own measurements, such as resistance curves, bending measurements, etc. on samples produced using nano3DSense. We will be happy to individually address your needs and to support you in adapting the nano3DSense to your specific requirements, e.g. when you are trying to establish a first concept for your product idea or research work.


Top view of the demonstrator

Deflection Curves


Current-Voltage (I/U)-Curves

Reproducibility Measurements

Stability measurements on the electrical resistance

Long-term stability of the electrical resistance


We offer two different extensive test options for the nano3DSense:

  1. Variant 1: We Deflection_Tip_Englprovide you with a silicon substrate (dimensions approx. 100-400 μm) made by us, with electrical contacts (bonded) on a standard plug as well as detailed operating instructions. You will require a microprober station (e.g. NanoIntender, AFM, etc.) and an electrical measuring station for sample characterization.
  2. Variant 2: Please send us your pre-made substrate in the material of your choice (and suitable electrical contacts). We will print the sensor onto the desired location on the substrate for immediate characterization. We can also perform the characterization upon your request. If desired, we will treat your request strictly confidentially and sign a written agreement with you.


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