Tailored Customer Solutions in Medicine

Advantage by design: We Are the Expert in Unusual Requirements

We provide advice for everyday and not so everyday questions aboReinraum Elektronikut all aspects of sensors in medical technology and life sciences. The patented nano3DSense technology offers the flexibility of individually and cost-consciously addressing even “exotic” customer requirements. In the case of measuring tasks with difficult boundary conditions for the material (e.g. biocompatibility) or highly miniaturized tasks for minimally invasive solutions which cannot be solved conventionally or only with great effort, unusual solutions can almost never be avoided. The mainstream microsystem or cleanroom technology is optimized for high scale production requirements mainly. However, it reacts slowly and most inflexible to individual questions with complex boundary conditions. For this reason, dedicated production and R&D technologies, such as nano3DSense, which can be profitably and effectively used for rapid prototyping as well as in manufacturing, become increasingly important.


Innovation and Advantage through Versatility

MEMS_Neu5nano3DSense provides industry and research with the innovative and unique approach to cost-efficiently and quickly create innovations in medicine for your medical, diagnostic or analytic applications: Using flexible 3D printing on the true nanoscale, we refine all common substrates and materials, such as Si, SiN, polymers, steel, glass, ceramics, and plastics, in a customized manner with powerful sensor functionality. You decide, whether for force, pressure, acceleration or strain measurements. Simply print your sensors onto the desired surface and immediately start measuring.

We confidently cover even the smallest surfaces of a few 10 nm to a few 100 µm, which cannot be covered anymore by conventional lithography methods. Thanks to comprehensive patent rights, your products and ideas are protected worldwide.

Do you develop or produce medical, analytical and/or measuring technology equipment and devices, e.g. in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, atomic force microscopy (AFM) or MEMS/NEMS sensor sector, and are you looking for a new way to boost product innovations?

Please contact us: We provide customized advice regarding the application possibilities of nano3DSense for your specific applications.

You can also request a demo and thoroughly test nano3DSense.


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Tailored Customer Solutions in Medicine

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