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Focus on Your Medical Ideas

The importance of force and pressure sensors in life science, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and material analysis is rapidly increasing. In the case of medical implants and catheters, micro biological or chemical analytics or sensors for broad applications in MEMS/NEMS-technology: When entering new territory, the focus is on miniaturization and adaptivity to materials.

Migration to the Patented nano3DSense Platform

Whether in research and development (R&D) or in industrial engineering, we offer Scientist-Wafertailored solutions e.g. within the scope of collaborations or on your behalf, which cannot be provided anymore using traditional microsystem technology methods or only with great efforts.

We provide manufacturers and developers of equipment and measuring devices in the mentioned sectors individual migration and upgrade services to the new independent nano3DSense platform for their existing systems (e.g. laser-optical, piezo-resistive, capacitive, or piezo-electrical methods). In particular in the case of systems, which are still based on optical sensing methods or require complex precision mechanics with high calibration effort, a real innovative and performance boost can be generated via a dedicated migration to the new compact nano3DSense platform.

Added Value through Simplicity, Performance and Cost Advantage

In addition to a significant performance increase, a drastic cost and competitive advantage is generated for you based on the highly simplified architecture for your medical or analytical instruments that can be achieved through our 3D nanoprinting platform. An advantage, you can pass on to your customer!

Research and Academics

We provide our knowhow as input into short-term or long-term research and academic projects. In this context, we offer individual services for your research work, as well as collaboration possibilities, e.g. in R&D projects.


Please contact us: We support you in the analysis of your migration possibilities or ideas and provide information on how you can achieve the greatest possible benefits for your applications.

 You can also request a demo and thoroughly test nano3DSense.


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What We Can Do for You

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