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nano3DSense is an highly customizable and multi-purpose medical sensors platform that uses unique 3D nanoprinting technology. For challenging measuring tasks in medicine, life sciences and analytics.

Whether for demanding force, pressure or strain measurements, discover the benefits of nano3DSense for your own medical application using this groundbreaking new approach:

  • First and exclusively available 3D printing technology with true nanometer resolution for the manufacturing of medical sensors on custom-tailored micro-fabricated substrates (e.g. pressure diaphragm, force transducer etc.)
  • Highest possible miniaturization capabilities for sensors with effective sensor sizes below 10 nanometers onto custom-tailored substrates variable up to a few hundred microns in size
  • Highes possible sensor positioning accuracy below 2 nanometer onto custom-tailored substrates
  • Easy electrical readout with upto 500 fold higher sensitivity compared to conventional piezoresistive technologies
  • Superb sensor signal linearity, long-term stability and durability
  • Ultra-low power consumption and high energy efficiency
  • Easy and flexible implementation of your sensors with nanometer accuracy onto custom-tailored substrates, such as steel, metals, plastics, polymers, glass, ceramics, silicon, silicon nitride and much more)
  • Mechanical quantities, such as forces, pressure, strain, acceleration, vibration etc. can be measured directly on custom-tailored substrates without falsifying or disturbing preparation steps
  • Best choice for the implementation of sensors onto custom-tailored biocompatible substrates that require minimal invasiveness on highest possible level
  • Effortless sensor implementation even under difficult or harsh environment, e.g. cell and blood surroundings, aggressive media, high temperature (> 500°C) or challenging positioning and placement conditions
  • Patented maskless and slicon free manufacturing process without cleanroom technology that allows for custom-tailored and cost-efficient rapid prototyping and highly adaptive batch production



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