NanoScale Systems (Nanoss) GmbH

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Leading in Force- and Pressure Based Nanosensors

NanoScale Systems (Nanoss) GmbH was founded in March 2005 as a spin-off of theTIZ-Bilder-MSM-78_xs Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main/Germany. The company has more than 20 years of experience in software-control production of nanostructures as well as the market introduction of new product generations in the area of nanotechnology, microsystem technology, semiconductor technology, and surface technologies. NanoScale Systems GmbH is the leading and only manufacturer of force- and pressure based nano sensors using innovating 3D nano printing via focused electron beam.

With our patented 3D nano printing platform nano3DSense, we offer equipment manufacturers in the medical sector and R&D groups a radically new concept for dedicated force, pressure and strain sensors with a wide application spectrum. With the consequent merging of conventional semiconductor methods (“top-down lithography’) and flexible “bottom-up” technologies, we provide new tools for production, rapid prototyping as well as object visualization and measurement down to the molecular scale to our customers. As protagonists and pioneers of silicon-free microelectronics, we serve central technology sectors in life science, medical technology, microbiology, and many other MEMS/NEMS sensor areas, which cannot be served anymore using traditional methods or only with great effort.

Advantage through Tailored Sensor Solutions

We have invested more than seven years into development and research, perfecting the sensor production process using 3D nanoprinting down to the smallest detail and without compromises. Our universal nano3DSense platform features e.g. ultra-small sensor dimensions as well as the worldwide unique possibility to flexibly (e.g. with respect to material consistency) select the three-dimensional (3D) force or pressure substrate. The provision of tailored and unconventional solutions is our main goal pursued by us with commitment and passion.

Due to our independence from silicon and inert working mask technologies, we offer powerful and rapid solutions for industry and research, which do not only expand the application spectrum of today’s force and pressure sensors, but also fundamentally redefine it in many areas.

We support our customers in the realization of their individual sensor ideas, from first planning up to the finished product. Our help is always available for future further developments.


Learn more about the possibilities of the nano3DSense platform. Find out, how nano3DSense works and about its various areas of application.

We are looking forward to advice and support you in the migration of existing sensor systems and offer dedicated solutions for your individual applications.

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